Canadawide Sports requires a photo of the damaged item and a copy of the customer receipt in order to evaluate the warranty claim.

Approved warranty claims will result in a product replacement. Should the exact model be unavailable, we reserve the right to replace the product with comparable items first, followed by providing a credit if a suitable replacement is not available.

All replacement items will be sent on the customer’s subsequent order. Should they require an earlier ship date, please be advised that there is a flat rate shipping cost of $15.

NAMI ringette will provide a one-time replacement of all composite sticks which have broken due to a manufacturing defect within 30 days from the original purchase date. We reserve the right to substitute the replacement with a comparable model, should the defective product no longer be available.

This warranty does not apply to wooden sticks or sticks that were previously issued as warranty replacements.
NAMI Ringette warrants that its pants, girdles and trappers will be free from manufacturer defects (i.e. Stitching, fasteners, buckles) for 90 days from the original date of purchase.

Any damage that is determined to be the result of abuse, tampering, heating, alteration or misuse of any sort will be refused.

We will provide a one-time replacement for all plastic heads that crack or break under normal playing conditions, for up to six months from the customer’s original purchase date. Heads that have been altered in any way (baking, melting, dying, or pinching) will be denied. Pockets, stringing, finishes (e.g. chrome), graphics and over molding applications are no covered by STX limited warranty. Due to the fact that strings are not part of the warranty they must be removed and replaced by the customer.

Handles (excluding wood)
STX will warranty all handles (excluding wood) for up to six months in the event of severe bending or breaking during normal play. Dings, dents, and scratching may occur during normal use and are not covered under warranty. Intentionally bending, cutting, tampering or otherwise misusing a handle will void the warranty. Accepted warranty claims will result in a one-time product replacement. Should the product no longer be available, we reserve the right to substitute for a similar model.

Bags & Protective Equipment
Equipment that evidences poor workmanship and/or material failure within six months of original purchase will be subject to a one time replacement. Tampering with or altering STX equipment from its original design or construction will void any warranty for the product.

Items Not Covered Under Warranty
• Wood handles
• Balls
• Items previously issued as replacements